A Perfect Summer Holiday for Lotus Rose in Aber Menai

These pictures are of Lotus Rose’s cruising grounds in the Menai Straights, North Wales. This spot is Aber Menai which means mouth of the Menai. The stunning overhead photo’s are taken using Roland’s drone camera.

In the back ground is Caernarfon and being overlooked by Snowden. The tide runs at 5 knots at that point and in an area called the swellies it can get up to 7 knots at spring tides.

Roland says it was the most glorious weekend he can remember. Perfect unspoilt sunshine from dawn to dusk.

On board they had 4 adults, 2 kids and four dogs !!!! Crazy but such fun. Everyone swam as the sea temp was 14 degrees…. It really doesn’t get any better ….

The Bow of The Belle of Caernarfon


Oh what a perfect day
Lotus Rose enjoying a fabulous summer
Lotus Rose (between two thorns??)
Mt Snowden as an amazing backdrop


Amazing sunset over Aber Menai
Amazing sunset from the deck of Lotus Rose