Roly 1974 (No 741)

Roly, a Rampart 48, although actually 50ft, was built in 1974 at the Desty Yard in Southampton.

She has had relatively few owners in her years since commissioning 1974.

Stephen Griffiths, the Rampart Club archivist, owned her for 12 years and Liz and Tony Poole have been her guardians and lived mostly on board, since 2006.

For most of that time she was moored on Cadogan Pier at Chelsea, in London, with the lights of the famous Albert Bridge, filling the wheelhouse windows.

Roly regularly goes to Paris through the waterways of France, as well as along the northern coast of France and the southern coast of England. When not at sea, the upper Thames beckons and she is pictured here, sailing round the course at the Trad Boat Festival, in Henley 2015.

Liz is the Vice Commodore and editor of the ROC News, published bi-annually, to keep the Rampart Owners Club members in touch and up to date with ‘tall tales’ and current events.

Roly 1974, Build No: 741, Reg. No: 362110
Twin Screw
Length 48ft (59ft 1in)
Beam 12ft
Draft: 4ft 1in
Hull: Iroko on CRE
Decks: Teak