Website Updates

Since the Autumn 2016 meeting the website has been enthusiastically updated including:

Patricia has provided an image for the page about the meeting and a new image of Chickadee.
Jane has provided an updated image of Moombara
Liz has added two ROC magazines to the Archive section ( spring and winter 2014) . The new archive pages for these magazines include the full contents of the magazine to provide improved searchability. We hope to soon update the previous archive magazines to provide the same feature.
Members provided with editing access to the website now include Liz, Simon and Patricia. Please contact Liz Poole if you would like to have access.

In response to comments at the meeting by the French members the webmaster Hugh has identified a potential solution to making the website available in both english and french with translation being achieved automatically . We will keep you informed of this exciting development!

Hugh will also be working on some guidance notes for members.